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South Africa - Designs

  • Locarno Classification - Yes

  • Hague Agreement - Yes

  • Paris Convention- Yes

  • ARIPO - No

  • OAPI - No

General Information

Filing Requirements

  • Simply signed Power of Attorney.

  • Drawings, photographs or other graphic representation of the article embodying the Design. 

  • Indication on which part of the Register the Design will be registered in. Part "A" is for aesthetic features and Part "F" is for functional features. A Design having both aesthetic and functional features can be registered in both part "A" and part "F".

  • For Priority Claims: Certified True Copy of priority documents with translation where necessary.



A functional Design has duration of 10 years while an aesthetic Design has a duration of 15 years with no possible extensions. Annual renewal fees are payable from the third anniversary of the filing date. There is a 6 month grace period to pay the renewal fees.

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