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General Information

  • Nice Classification - Yes

  • Multiple Class Filings - No

  • ARIPO - No

  • OAPI - No

  • Paris Convention - Yes

  • Madrid Agreement - No

Filing Requirements

  • Simply signed Power of Attorney

  • Representation of the trademark

  • Name, address and nationality of the applicant

  • List of goods and/or services

  • Certified True Copy of priority claim (if applicable)


Once the trademark is filed in the desired class(es), an acknowledgment of filing is issued immediately. The Registrar thereafter examines the trademark as to its distinctiveness and if it is found registrable an Acceptance Letter issued. The trademark is then scheduled to the published in the trademark journal. 60 days after the publication, if there is no opposition, the trademark certificate will be applied for and issued.

Time Frame

It takes between 12-36 months from filing to the issuance of the trademark certificate.


7 years from filing date and renewable every 14 years thereafter.

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