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  • PCT- Yes (National phase deadline is 30 months from the priority date.)

  • ARIPO - No

  • OAPI - No

  • Paris Convention - Yes

General Information

Filing Requirements

  • Simply signed Power of Attorney.

  • Published PCT application with specification, drawings and claims.

  • International Search Report and International Preliminary Report on Patentability.

  • Priority document (if not filed in the international phase).

  • Deed of Assignment (if not filed in the international phase).


The application is filed only as to form and there is no substantive examination. After filing, an Acknowledgment of Filing is issued. Thereafter the Registrar issues a Letter of Acceptance once satisfied that all the filing requirements have been met. The Patent Certificate will thereafter be issued. 

Time Frame

It takes between 2-4 months from filing to the issuance of the patent certificate.


For PCT applications, the first annuity is due from the international filing date.


A Patent is valid for 20 years subject to renewals every year.

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