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General Information

  • ​ARIPO - No

  • OAPI - No

  • Paris Convention - Yes

Filing Requirements

  • Specimen of the Design or a photographic representation of the Design.

  • Statement of Novelty specifying features of the Design.

  • Simply signed Power of Attorney ( no notarization or legalization required).

  • Indication of the class of products for which the Design will be used.

  • For Priority Claims, the applicant shall append to his application, the date and number of the earlier application, the country in which the earlier application was made, and the name of the person who made the earlier application; and not more than three months after the making of the application, he shall furnish the Registrar with a copy of the earlier application certified correct by the Industrial Property Office (or its equivalent) in the country where the application was made.


The application is filed in the prescribed manner. The Registrar issues and Acknowledgment of Filing. The Registrar examines the application as to its conformity with the Act. The Registrar may either accept or reject the application. If the application is accepted, the Registrar will issue a Registration Certificate

Time Frame

It takes between 2-4 months from filing to the issuance of the Design certificate.


The initial term of a Design is 5 years and renewable for two further periods of 5 years each.

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